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to grow up, to mature.
A post-Hogwarts Roleplay Group.

'It is the choices we make, not the chances we take, that determine our destiny'

Ever fancied taken control of one Harry Potter character, canon or non-canon, and controling their whole lives? There are no limits nor bounderies with Subolesco.

It's the year 2002, Five years after Hogwarts and Harry Potter and his friends are immersed in their jobs. With the dark cloud that was Voldemort Vanquished three years ago. The Wizarding world is safe, but in a world full of lies and corruption. Where friends Cheat, and go behind each others backs. Where Lovers have Affairs, and marrages break, Will there ever be a Happy Ending?

Subolesco; The Roleplay that allows Freedom, and Creativity-
A post-Hogwarts Roleplay Group.


Email me at, with any questions you may have. Or just comment on this post.

If this is not allowed, please delete with my apologies.

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